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 Is the Chow an Aggressive Dog?

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PostSubject: Is the Chow an Aggressive Dog?   Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:36 pm

Generally speaking the answer is: "No really, if.."

Before getting into the core of this topic let's clarify something applicable for any dog in this world:

1.   Dogs as cute as they can possible be are still dogs. Their nature is not related to the way they look like.
      The most terrifying dog could be the most gentle dog you ever met. And, in the other way around, a fluffy beautiful dog can kill you.
      Beauty and Safety ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Don't be silly. This is true for anything existing in life.

2.   A Dog's behaviour is strongly related to the way has been risen.
      Owners are responsible for dogs behaviour and 99% of the time are the one to blame for an aggressive dog.
      If dog is aggressive no matter what we might come across to a completely different scenario. But this is a remote case to investigate singularly.

3.   Chows are extremely independent, strong and reserved. If you think chows are as playful as they look like, well YOU WRONG.
      Chows can give you the biggest love in this world but it's THEIR VERSION of love. Chows owners know that and respect it.
      People approaching chows should made be aware of it as well. It's your responsibility as Chow's owner to warn people that want get close to your chow
      to pet it. Even the most gentle chow will interpret a stranger getting closer as treat.
      If you see a stranger or someone that is stranger to the dog getting closer asking if he/she can touch the dog say firmly: "In few moments".
      Chows need to see what's the relation between you and the other person before feeling comfortable to be approached.
      After that, let the dog sniff the other person. Let your chow get familiar with the relationship between you two first.
      As general rule avoid packed place where the dog needs to get through the mess around you.
      If you notice that your chow is uncomfortable with somebody, well do not force him/her to meet the new person.

At first read it might look like Chows are the most unsociable dogs but this is not true.
They are INDIPENDENT MINDS. You need to let them decide if they want to meet people or not.
As Chow Owner you know that and I'm sure you respect it and love it too!

If somebody tells you your Chow is aggressive because they can't touch him/her, well just say: "The most beautiful things in this world can kill you" and walk away.
It's better let them go disappointed than injured.

TIP: If your Chow is not people oriented even at puppy stage you might want to increase contact with people.
Even if a Chow is a Chow he/she needs to get as many interaction as possible at early stage. His/Her behaviour will form independently but impacted but this little tip.
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Is the Chow an Aggressive Dog?
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